Since its inception in 1984, Cliffshore Excavation is proud to continue as a family owned and operated business, successfully running and taking on many diverse projects. Barry Ferguson launched the business with the help and support of his parents, John and Joyce, and continues to run it today alongside his wife Kathy and their four sons.

John and Joyce Ferguson had a dairy farm on the edge of Port Hope, Ontario for 25 years, where they established a motorcycle practice track to support Barry’s passion for racing. Prior to going into the excavation business, Barry was an expert motorcycle racer and earned many esteemed recognitions, including national “11” for motocross and national number”2″ for ATV racing. Only a handful of Canadian riders have earned Gold medals at the International Six Day Enduro, where Barry earned Bronze in ’85 and Gold in Germany in ’89.

Barry’s passion for motorcycles got him into cross-border transportation and building motocross tracks, including Toronto Supercross tracks, which eventually led to the inception of Cliffshore Excavation. Today, Barry puts the same heart, passion, dedication and meticulous attention to detail into his excavation work as he did into becoming a gold-medal-winning racer.

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